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A Company Secretary acts as the Government’s means to communicate with a Business or Company. A Registered Corporate Secretary will accept legal and official documents on behalf of a small business, organize the paperwork, and pass it along to the business owner and ensures the company’s compliance.

How do we support your Company as
your Corporate Secretary?

Qualified Secretary

We will appoint a qualified Company Secretary to be registered in your Company ACRA records.

Company identity

Ensures formal business letters, notices and other official documents carry the name and UEN of the company.

Annual Compliance

Your new Company Secretary will ensure your business meets its annual compliance obligations.


We will monitoring the filing deadlines and offer notifications and reminders on statutory returns with ACRA.

Drafting of Resolutions

As your appointed Company Secretary, most Directors’ Resolutions will be drafted and prepared by us for you.


All official documents and correspondence will be safe kept by your Company Secretary

Make sure your company is compliant

Your focus should be on your business. Appoint a registered company secretary to handle everything else.

In a nutshell

What is the purpose of a Company Secretary in Singapore?

As mandated by ACRA, it is mandatory that every company must appoint a company secretary within 6 months beginning from its incorporation date. The company secretary will be the primary officer in charge of numerous administrative and reporting responsibilities which the company is required to adhere to, by the Law of Singapore. These statutory requirements include the filing of annual return, recording and filing of board resolution as well as other company compliance matters.

Typically, companies engage the services of a corporate secretarial firm, just like Leftright Corporate Pte. Ltd., in Singapore to provide them with company secretarial services. A corporate secretarial firm will provide the hiring company with a named company secretary as well as ensuring its annual regulatory compliance is met.

What are the roles & responsibilities of a Company Secretary?

Some of the various responsibilities and roles of a company secretary that ensure legal compliance for your company includes:

  • Director’s Resolutions in Writing pertaining to matters such as opening bank accounts, registered office, interim dividend, loan facility, etc
  • Annual General Meeting including application for extension to hold the Annual General Meeting of the company
  • Submission of statutory returns with the Registry of Companies
  • Updating of statutory records
  • Monitoring the filing deadlines of the statutory returns with ACRA
  • Attending to auditors
  • General corporate secretarial consultation
  • Change of company name
  • Change of principal activities
  • Change of articles of the MAA
  • Filing of Financial report in XBRL format with ACRA
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What are the benefits of having a Company Secretary?

The 4 core benefits of engaging our Corporate Secretarial services are:

  • Safeguarding your business’s good standing status. We use our own proprietary software to keep track of all your dues and ensure filing and proper documentation and records are kept.
  • There’s added privacy. Your company secretary discretely accepts paperwork on your behalf, and adds a layer of privacy between your business and the public.
  • Meeting compliance regulations. Upon successful business incorporation, you have 6 months to appoint a mandatory company secretary. This individual must be residing locally in Singapore, and cannot be the sole director of the company.
  • Finally, we take care of everything. All paperwork necessary for compliance matters will be done by your appointed company secretary.

Let Leftright Corporate act as your Company Secretrary

  • We help you maintain privacy and separation from the public.
  • Reminders for filing deadlines
  • Filing of Annual Returns
  • Many more..

Have an existing Company Secretary?

The responsibilities Company Secretaries hold ensures compliance to the Companies Act. Failure to perform these duties may impose severe consequences for the company stakeholders.

A competent and trustworthy corporate secretary is paramount and must not be taken lightly.

Appoint us in
3 simple steps


Answer some basic questions

Complete our simple online questionnaire, or call us directly and one of our experts will walk you through the process.


We take care of the paperwork

Our compliant company secretaries whom are filing experts complete the required documents needed to get your business up and running quickly and accurately.


Approve Appointment

Login to approve the appointment of a representative from Leftright Corporate as your new trusted company secretary.

Get Started with our Company Secretarial Services @ $288 /year

Inclusive of all registration fees. No Surprises.

  • Everything you need to ensure basic annual secretarial compliance
  • Yearly Filing of Annual Returns (Include $60 Submission Fees)
  • Provision of a Named Company Secretary
  • Maintaining of Company Register
  • Record & Safekeeping of Meeting Minutes
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Company Secretary Compliance Advisory
  • Due Dates Reminder Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Company Secretary?

A company secretary is an officer registered in your company's ACRA record.

The company secretary is not involved in the operations and planning of the business. His or her main purpose and role is to ensure your company meets its mandatory legal and annual compliance. All filings, or lodgements must be submitted to ACRA with proper documentations recorded, and submitted in a timely manner; or be imposed with a fine.

Do I need to have a Company Secretary?

Yes. Every Singapore registered company must appoint at least 1 Company Secretary. This is stated in Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act (Cap. 50). 

For new companies, you must appoint one within 6 months from the date of the incorporation.

Most businesses choose to engage service providers like us to to make sure your company's annual compliance matters are taken care of.

What will Leftright Corporate's Company Secretary do for me?

When you engage our services, we appoint our own internal experienced representative as your Company Secretary.

He/She will also be your account manager, and be your direct point of contact. If you have any questions relating to your business, require any additional services, or have any general questions – please reach out.

In line with our core values, our working relationship will be less transactional, and more personal. In other by words, by engaging our services, your Company Secretary would also be your advisor, and business confidant.

Are associated filing and government fees included?

Yes. All prices stated on our website are inclusive of all associated filing and government fees. This is contradictory to the industry standards as most service providers do not include such fees in their pricing.

We believe in clear, transparent pricing. No surprises. What you see, is the final amount you’d pay.

Is the company secretary considered an officer of the company?

Yes the company secretary is the officer of the company and his/or her name must be registered within the ACRA Records.

The company secretaries name will be shown in the Business Profile of the company.

Can I appoint an individual from another country as a Company Secretary for my Singapore Company?
The individual can be in another country, so long as the individual is a Singapore resident –  a Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) or a Singapore Employment Pass or Dependant Pass holder.
What are the legal requirements for a Company Secretary of a Private Limited Company?

In order to act as a company secretary for a Singapore registered company, the individual must be:

  • A natural person;
  • A Singapore resident (i.e. Singapore citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident, or a foreigner who has been issued with an Employment Pass or Dependent Pass); and
  • A person who is knowledgeable about the Singapore Companies Act. he/she must also possess the requisite experience to fulfill the role of a company secretary.

A person who is the sole-director of the company cannot fill the role of both director, and a company secretary.

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