Singapore Company with Employment Pass

Relocate to Singapore and run your Singapore Company.

Your Singapore Company with
Employment Pass Package Includes

Everything you need to relocate to Singapore and run your Singapore Company.

Private Limited Company Incorporation

Inclusive of all registration and filing fees. We help setup your Company according to your specification.

Company Secretary

Ensures basic annual compliance. Your personal account manager for all compliance matters with the Singapore Government.

Employment Pass Application

We want to help you in your entrepreneurial journey in Singapore. Get advice and help from your account manager directly.

Temporary Nominee Director

A temporary trusted, and reliable local resident Singaporean Director in your Company’s registrar; just until your Employment Pass is approved.

One Simplified Package

Our service package gets you started immediately. Pay for only what you need, and we absorb all associated fees.

Bank Account Opening

We have strong ties with all local banks in Singapore. Open your bank account so you can start transactions asap.

In a nutshell

Why start a Singapore Company, and apply for an Employment Pass?

This package is ideal for you if you intend to relocate to Singapore, and run your Singapore Company. There are numerous reasons to start a Company in Singapore, and some of the popular ones include:

  • Strong, stable, and reliable political and economical environment
  • Technologically advanced
  • Least corrupt country in Asia
  • Enterprising business hub in the region
  • Low company taxes

With this package, everything is included to help you begin your entrepreneurial journey in Singapore. We absorb all associated filing fees, and you only pay for services that you need.

Why do I need a Nominee Director?​

Before starting a local company, it is a mandatory requirement for all Singapore Private Limited Companies to have at least 1 local resident director.

If your partner(s), or yourself are all Non-Singaporean, you would need to appoint a Nominee Director to meet the stipulatory requirement. Only then can you start and incorporate your company in Singapore. As long as you meet the local resident director requirement, the company can be 100% foreign owned (whereby you and/or your partner(s) own 100% shares in the company).

Leftright Corporate Foreigner Company Incorporation Employment Pass

Everything you need in one package @ $2,650. No extra fees.

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Leftright Corporate has helped establish multiple foreign owned companies in Singapore. We understand the ins and outs of business compliance. If you intention is to relocate to Singapore and start your own venture of business, our Singapore Company with Employment Pass service package ensures you have everything you need to commence business in Singapore.

Start your Singapore Company
in 3 simple steps


Answer some questions

We'll send you our KYC forms and service agreements ensuring crystal clear communication and understanding.


We take care of the paperwork

Our incorporation experts will set up the required documents needed to get your business up and running quickly and accurately.


Receive confirmation

All successful filing and confirmations will be sent for your reference. We'll inform and schedule a date for your bank account opening.

Singapore Company with Employment Pass @ $2,650

Inclusive of all registration fees. No Surprises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a complicated process?

No. We’ve had countless experience with starting up a Singapore Company for foreigners. It’s not a complicated process, but there are forms for you to sign and agree to. Those are just to layout the fundamentals of our service. 

We’ll handle every transaction and filing with the respective government bodies, and guide you every step of the way, we want you to feel understood.

How long does it take?

Company Incorporation

We can get the incorporation done within hours, as long as we have received all the mandatory signed forms and agreements from you.

Employment Pass Application

Online application of the employment pass typically speeds up the application process. Even then, it may still take up to 3 weeks to receive an outcome.

The employment pass application can be a tedious, which we will handle. However, lead time may be expected to be delayed according to a variety of factors such as:

  • Peak of Off Peak periods
  • Additional information or clarification required
Why do I need to fill up a KYC (Know-your-client) form?

Since we’d be your nominee director, our name is on the line too. Although a nominee director is mainly for compliance, the legal requirements of any local director exists as well. In rare, but some cases, we have to reject clients from engaging our service, due to reasons including conflict of interest, or those who simply does not pass our internal risk analysis.

What are the requirements of setting up a Singapore Company, as a Foreigner?

If you intend to relocate to Singapore. We will provide our representative as a temporary 2 months local Nominee Director up until your Employment Pass is issued. The main requirement in order to incorporate a Singapore Private Limited Company are:

  1. 1 Local Director (or Foreigner with employment Pass)
  2. 1 Company Secretary (we will this role)
  3. Minimum paid up capital of SGD $1 or equivalent
  4. Local registered office address
Why should I engage Leftright Corporate services?

We have pre-packaged our bundles to provide only what is essential. There are no hidden costs, and additional fees. Filing, or registration fees have all been included, and you only pay for services that you need.

Although this package is one-off, we value the communication and partnership we have with each of our clients. At any time you need assistance, we want you to know we are here to help. This coincides with our core values to ensure clear, and reliable services provides to all our clients.

What do I need to prepare?

Information and documents we need include:

  1. Company Name
  2. Business Activity
  3. Passport Information
  4. Proof of Address
  5. Professional Background Information (such as CV or similar)
Do I need to put a security deposit?

Whilst we are providing you with our Nominee Director service, whether temporary or not, a security deposit is required. Upon handover, when your Employment Pass is issued and you are appointed as director, our Nominee Director will be withdrawn, and your security deposit refunded.

Usually we would need a deposit when you engage in our incorporation service with nominee director only. However, if you engage Leftright Corporate with other compliance matters such as tax computation and filing, we usually wouldn’t need a deposit then.

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