Registered Company Secretary

A Company Secretary acts as the Government’s means to communicate with a Business or Company. A Registered Secretary will accept legal and official documents on behalf of a small business, organize the paperwork, and pass it along to the business owner and ensures the company’s compliance.

Make sure you company is compliant

Your focus should be on your business. Appoint a registered secretary to handle everything else.

What are the benefits of a Corporate Secretary?

Safeguard your business' good standing status

We use our own proprietary software to keep track of all your dues and ensure filing and proper documentation records are kept.

Added privacy

Your corporate secretary discretely accepts paperwork on your behalf and adds a layer of privacy between your business and the public.

Meet compliance regulations

Every company must appoint a secretary within 6 months from the date of its incorporation. The company secretary must be residing locally in Singapore and must not be the sole director of the company.

We take care of everything

Not only will we provide you with our corporate secretary services, we will also handle all the paperwork required to set up a corporate secretary for your business.

In a nutshell

What is the purpose of a Company Secretary?

ACRA stipulates that every company must appoint a company secretary within 6 months of its incorporation. The company secretary will be the primary officer in charge of numerous administrative and reporting responsibilities a company is required to adhere to by law. These statutory requirements include the filing of annual return, and recording and filing of board resolution.

Typically, companies engage the services of a corporate secretarial firm in Singapore to provide them with corporate secretarial services. A corporate secretarial firm will provide the hiring company with a named company secretary.

What are the roles & responsibilities of a Company Secretary?

Some of the various responsibilities and roles of a company secretary that ensure legal compliance for your company includes:

  • Director’s Resolutions in Writing pertaining to matters such as opening bank accounts, registered office, interim dividend, loan facility, etc
  • Annual General Meeting including application for extension to hold the Annual General Meeting of the company
  • Submission of statutory returns with the Registry of Companies
  • Updating of statutory records
  • Monitoring the filing deadlines of the statutory returns with ACRA
  • Attending to auditors
  • General corporate secretarial consultation
  • Change of company name
  • Change of principal activities
  • Change of articles of the MAA
  • Filing of Financial report in XBRL format with ACRA
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Let Leftright Corporate act as your Company Secretrary

  • We help you maintain privacy and separation from the public.
  • Reminders for filing deadlines
  • Filing of Annual Returns
  • Many more..

Have an existing Company Secretary?

The responsibilities Company Secretaries hold ensures compliance to the Companies Act. Failure to perform these duties may impose severe consequences for the company stakeholders.

A competent and trustworthy corporate secretary is paramount and must not be taken lightly.

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Get Started with our Company Secretarial Services

$ 450 / year
  • Everything you need to ensure basic annual compliance
  • Provision of a Named Company Secretary
  • Maintaining of Company Register
  • Record & Safekeeping of Meeting Minutes
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Yearly Filing of Annual Returns (Include $60 Submission Fees)
  • Company Secretary Compliance Advisory
  • Due Dates Reminder Service
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